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Kevin Lacey, Illinois state degree in landscaping design.

Full Service Lawn Care & Landscaping in Vermilion County, Illinois

We are a full service lawn care and landscaping business based out of Vermilion County Illinois. We pride ourselves on always making sure the customer is happy. It's important that the lawns we maintain are as beautiful and well-manicured as possible, because we understand the importance of word-of-mouth!

Our team of contractors and landscape architects are available to see your outdoor environment change into something to be proud of. Our main goal at L & L Landscape & Design is to construct the most beautifully laid out lawn or garden. It is both a skill and an art to be able to shape and design an entire outdoor environment; something which we relish doing. Our staff enjoys planting and maintaining lawns, landscapes retaining walls, creating ponds and water features which we feel is reflective in the high quality of our work!
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